“Ruinas” new full length


After some unknown happening, we found ourselves (or just “self”) in this enourmous wasteland, there’s nothing and we don’t know nothing…we only see images without knowing what happened or if we are really in the planet called Earth… We found ruins, traces of what seems to be remains of some technology or culture from the past, ashes… a vortex wich we don’t know where it leads, or where it came from… transmissions in the air, unknown to us.


1. Ruinas (Ruins) 09:31
2. Vórtice (Vortex) 08:24
3. Cenizas (Ashes) 05:00
4. Factoría del vacío (Factory of emptiness) 06:11
5. Ruinas II (Ruins II) 09:20
6. Ondas (Waves) 07:06
7. Nada (Nothing) 03:36

Total time: 49:08


Available on Kalpamantra Net Label.

(direct link)


~ by Úden on 08/08/2012.

2 Responses to ““Ruinas” new full length”

  1. It is a very good album. Congratulations !

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